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Vicious Circle

Have you been stuck in a rut and can’t get out of it? The more you procrastinate the harder it is to achieve your goal to the point you start questioning the value of your goal. This is how a vicious circle works. An unwanted result. This leads to judgement, shame and blame. A vicious circle generates anxiety, avoidance and poor mood. Vicious circles are driven by a reduction of confidence.

Virtuous Circle

In contrast a virtuous circle is driven by non-judgement and self compassion. Change starts with a single point of action. Taking the step towards change leads to an objective perspective of a situation providing correction and better results. As the virtuous circle evolves and the cycle repeats, self trust grows and so will your confidence. This activates a powerful feedback loop and chain of events that will improve your life. It is essential to keep virtuous cycles growing. Through positive reinforcement, your potential becomes self-actualized and leads to a spiral of growth.


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