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What can I expect at the first therapist session?

First sessions are known as intake sessions. These sessions are casual, comfortable, and approximately 75 minutes long and cover the initial paperwork including covering informed consent, privacy, practice policies. The first session helps give me some important background pieces about who you are. The second half of the intake session is more of a fluid conversation identifying and setting goals so the counselling process can begin.

Do you provide counselling to children or young adults?

At this time I do not see children or young adults. I would be happy to share some referrals with you for other therapists that I know and trust, if that would be helpful.

How many counselling sessions do I need?


The answer is that it really depends on a few things. What are your goals? What is going on in your life right now? What has happened in the past that is affecting your life right now? A lot of things that can affect the answer to this question.

Counselling can last anywhere from a couple of months to several years. People are often looking for different things from counselling. So, it will depend on your objective.

A few things I can give you a more solid answer on. Attending counselling consistently will help. I usually recommend weekly sessions because it allows for continuity from session to session to the next, while gaining momentum.

How can I tell if my counsellor is a fit for me?


There are a few ways that you may go about doing that. One way is the "you'll know when you know" method. It's helpful to feel like you connect with someone if they're going to be your counsellor.

You may want to research a little and see if anyone specializes in the problems that are bringing you to therapy. That can be valuable. You can even have consultations to see how you feel about a fit by phone. I provide a 30 minute free consultation for people interested in counselling.


In the end, it's really is your decision and it's one that you are definitely able to make! If nothing else, you deserve to decide on your counsellor.


During COVID-19 how do you see clients?

At this time, I am seeing clients for in person sessions however I am also able to support you with phone or virtual sessions on a platform of your choice if you are not comfortable with meeting for in person sessions.


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